My introduction  travel

Herewith, please let me give you a brief introduction :

After graduating from University, I became a history teacher in Kyoto . The school had many overseas subsidiaries and after five years I was sent to New York. I lived in New Jersey for two years and taught Japanese history to Japanese students living in New Jersey. I enjoyed my time in New York and many of my students were successful in passing the entrance exam to M.I.T.

However, after the collapse of the Japanese economy in 1991 and the end of the housing bubble, my school went bankrupt as the owner had bought many stocks and land.

I therefore, returned to Japan and decided to use my history knowledge and local knowledge to become a taxi driver and guide. I was born in Kyoto and grew up here so I know the city very well and have a good knowledge of history, geography and have a good knowledge of sightseeing sights including shrines. temples, shops, hotels and restaurants.

I am sure that you will be satisfied by my local knowledge and my reasonable prices.

Please feel free to contact me for a quotation as follows :

mobile phone number 090-1134-8833
home telephone number 075-571-6508 Japan
IP phone number 050-7503-9542 Japan
E-mail adress

Thank you and Best wishes
Minoru Konuma



From my customer  travel

Dear Mr. Minoru,

Thank you so much for everything you had done for them! And for me too.
I would not have survived that day without your help.

Indeed, they had one of the most beautiful memory with you, and the Japan you showed them.
Honto ni arigatoo gozaimashita.

Best wishes,
Mike Peterson (assumed name)



from one of my customers  travel

title : Remembering Our Trip to Japan

Dear Minoru Konuma,
We have returned to the United States after our cruise. We had a splendid
time after we left Japan, although touring with you was great. We have many
pictures of the temples, shrines and castles you took us to and will remember then with great happiness.
Again we would like to thank you for taking us to many beautiful placies.
As I look back on the trip I am even more grateful now than I was when we arrived in Kyoto. You certainly did make our trip better by your kind consideration of taking us there. I will keep your cards and if we have the opportunity to give them to anyone who is going there we will do so.
Best and fondest regards,
Peter and Marry (assumed name)


from my customers  travel

title: Thank you for wonderful tour on Sunday.

Dear Konuma-san

Thank you for the wonderful tour you gave Mr. Wilson and me on Sunday. Without you we truly would not have seen so many wonderful sights in such a short time. We appreciate your history knowledge and thank you for a really wonderful day.
When I returned to Tokyo - I gave your name and card to my hotel and told them to call you if they have any foreign tourists for day tours - I hope they call you !
I have some photos - which I will send you.
Thank you once again for a lovely tour and see you next time I visit Kyoto.


Mandy Blair and Tony Wilson (assumed name)


My customer took my picture in a Japanese garden  at Heian shrine


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